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Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

Promotional Material -- Angel Casey 22


Promotional Picture Late 1940's -- Lace brocade, padded shoulders, little skin.

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

1944 -- Have a coke and a smile kid . . . Angel at 24


It's story time on Angel Casey's Playhouse

It's Story Time on Angel Casey's Playhouse -- 1954

It's story time.

This is the back of the "Story Time" photo. Angel frequently instructed her audience's children how to get help in an emergency. Now this is common, then it was unusual or not done at all. Angel Casey blazing trails across the map of our culture, specifically the culture of Chicago.

Angel Casey Cross Promotion with Bozo's Circus

It's Music Time at The Playhouse -- Early Product Placement and Cross promotion with Bozo's circus.

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

Angel Casey and Sir Worthington Wiggle as published in the Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television.
Angel worked hard on being her most wholesome for this show.

Early Television In-show advertising.

In the early days of television, shows were broadcast live. The camera fed its content directly to the system that generated the broadcast signal. This system, especially initially, did not allow them to superimpose images over backgrounds such as you see today. (Like the ubiquitous sponsor logos seen on every show.) So, in order to showcase their sponsors they had to build a display and then creatively "shoot" it while an actor read a narration. The picture above is one of the displays created for this purpose.

Angel Casey and Bruce Newton (the puppeteer) on a live remote in a Chicago school in 1954

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

This is one of the multi-racial promotional pictures taken in 1956 that caused all the upheavel. Sadly it never saw the light of day, but still had an impact. Its attempt was a frontal assult on the structural foundation of racisim in America in 1956.

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

Angel was extremely good at calculating career advancement strategies. Her insistence on racial inclusion was not a "good career advancement strategy". However, it is consistent with the values she espoused her whole life, taught to her children, and would express to anyone who might ask. For more on Angel Casey's perspective, click here.

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

Angel in her "Bunny Suit" which she wore for an Easter remote at the Hillside Shopping Center in 1959. In those days the "Bunny Suit" had an array of sexual connotations. Angel played it straight maintaining the Easter Bunny's character sans any coquettish asides, and it worked. The promotion was successful. It ran during Easter for several years. The demand for the character continued in other children related venues as well.

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

For her entire life Angel Casey loved working with children, especially developmentally challenged children.
She truly loved them, all of them, and they loved her. She could make a connection with almost any child.

For the day the above is an example of high-quality advertising agency work.
Note the phone number: CApital 7-1192.

This TV Guide is from Georgia

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

Sultry Angel. Many people don't realize how hard a skilled actress will work to assume different looks. Angel was usually cast as the wholesome American girl or woman, but as evidenced here -- not always.

Angel Casey Chicago Radio and TV Star

Actresses have to be part chameleon. Angel vamping in this shot taken inside the Demming Ct. apartment around 1949 or 50. The artwork by Angel's husband, Tristan Meinecke, was displayed throughout the apartment.



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